LIDE Pernambuco is a private enterprise movement founded in December 2011, in Recife, by the business administrator, journalist and entrepreneur, Drayton Nejaim, current CEO and member of the Board of Management. LIDE Pernambuco has as Vice President Businessman Yuri Romao, the Group co-founder. It is a chapter of the LIDE system, present in 16 Brazilian cities and 16 countries. The first unit of LIDE was begun in 2003, in São Paulo, founded and chaired by journalist and businessman John Doria Junior.

LIDE Pernambuco is an acronym for Business Leaders Group of Pernambuco. The print media usually chooses to keep the acronym in capital letters and add the name of the State, for example, LIDE Pernambuco. In the case of chapters, it is suggested to use the same rule, which results in LIDE Women and LIDE Future.

The LIDE Pernambuco is not an association limited by class, so its scope is far-reaching. The Group has, among its members, regional, national and international capital companies, of private, public and mixed origin, from the metropolitan area and the interior. Also affiliated unions, associations and state and municipal secretaries and leading organizations from neighboring states where there is a Group presence. Pernambuco LIDE still operates two chapters with a large national representation in the state of Pernambuco, LIDE Women and LIDE Future.

The key leaders with direct influence on the region's GDP. They are shareholders in big companies, presidents and regional directors, prominent entrepreneurs in the community, public managers at the highest level and association leaders in highly important sectors. The list of organizations affiliated with LIDE Pernambuco is on the website

The Board of the LIDE Pernambuco Management is made up of entrepreneurs like Agostinho Gomes (Preserve-Liserve Group), Alex Brenneken (Twenty Six Trading), Alfredo Bezerra Leite (Itamaracá Transport), Halim Nagem * (Nagem), Jorge Petribú (Petribú Group) Jose Rannulf Queiroz (Rota Premium), Mark Hacker Melo (Venice Group), Paul Magnus (MV), Paul Perez (Shineray of Brazil), Paula Meira (Interne Solutions) and Urbano Vitalino Neto (Vitalino Urban Bar Association); executives as Frederico Amancio * (Department of Education, Government of Pernambuco), Mucio Novaes * (Cia. Excelsior de Seguros), Roberto Tavares (Compesa) and Yuri Romao * (JLT Insurance); public figures like former governor of Pernambuco, João Lyra Neto **, and Senator of the Republic, Douglas Cintra *; as well as well as the noted economist, Jorge Jatoba (Ceplan). It has been chaired since its inception by businessman Drayton Nejaim*.