LIDE WOMEN Pernambuco is a female and private business movement that began in January 2015 in Recife. Founded by businesswoman Sophia Lins, current CEO and on the Board of Management, LIDE Women Pernambuco has as vice president consult and coach, Gabriela Didier, the Group co-founder. It is a chapter linked and managed by LIDE Pernambuco, chaired by businessman Drayton Nejaim. The first chapter of LIDE woman began in 2006 in the city of São Paulo. Currently this chapter is headed by businesswoman Sonia Hess, who heads the movement nationally.

LIDE Women Pernambuco is an acronym for Women Business Leaders Group of Pernambuco. The print media usually chooses to keep the acronym in capitals and chapter identification only with the first letter capitalized, LIDE Women.

LIDE woman is not an association limited by class so its performance is wide reaching. The Group brings in women of recognized expertise and leadership in the various segments that make up the economy and public management at the highest level and members of the judiciary. Geographically, it fulfills it role by reaching leaders from around the state and also women in neighboring states where there is a representation of the Group. More information about LIDE Women Pernambuco can be obtained at

Management Council of LIDE Women is formed by shareholder Gerald Farias * (Farias Group) and entrepreneurs such as Andréa Keys * (Mobi Brazil), Cecilia Freitas * (BG9 communications), Luciana Hazin * (LGH Group), Marcelle Sultanum * (Rishon Cosmetics), Renata Gaudêncio ( Concrepoxi) and Rose Guareschi * (Julietto group); executive as Catharina Machado Guimarães Ferreira * (Solar BR Coca-Cola), Daniela Petribú (Plant Petribú), Flavia Picolo (Accenture) and Jo Mazzarolo (Rede Globo Nordeste); city manager Roseanna Amorim (Secretary of Development and Enterprise, Recife); the lawyer Simone Duke Miranda; and by coach and consultant Gabriela Didier. It has been chaired since its inception by businesswoman Sophia Lins (La Cuisine).